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PARC WORLD is a company dedicated to the development, management and operation of commercial tourist facilities in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The company focuses on providing entertainment, recreation and adventure to the family environment.

PARC WORLD Develops recreational environments through the creation of innovative concepts aimed at integrating sports and high-end competitive activities.

PARC WORLD Sustainably manages theme parks oriented towards fun and family recreation with the primary objective of creating memorable tourist experiences.

PARC WORLD Optimizes its facilities by creating local and international events in order to optimize its occupation and performance.

4 Pillars of PARCWORLD


Maximizing the potential of
tourist-commercial facilities


Producing memorable
themed experiences

of Occupation

Optimizing performance and
operational efficiency


Creating cutting-edge
vibrant destinations

Fun & Smiles Guaranteed

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- S P O N S O R S -

Ciudad de San Germán
Discover Puerto Rico
Meliá Century Hotel
Solace By The Sea
The Fox Hotel
Baleares Restaurant
Compañia de Turismo
Surf N Fun Waterpark
Aloft Ponce
Complejo Ferial
Castillo Mario Mercado